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Harris Farm Markets

I develop recipes and write articles for Harris Farm Markets on everything from ways to primp your porridge, getting creative with coleslaw, the art of the cheese platter and summer party snack saviours.

I'm a brand ambassador for, where I write a monthly blog on my experiences at home with my son, Will. Sometimes it's about our shared adventures in the kitchen, and sometimes it's about topics as varied as why little boys should have dolls, to why parenting should come with sick leave. My role is to highlight their products while also providing humorous, human pieces that relate to the intricacies of life at home with small children


As the Coffee Curator for TEDxSydney 2015/2016 I worked with the Food Team to highlight culinary and social issues at the leading platform for sharing Australian ideas and innovation to the rest of the world. Curating an exhibition of some of Australia's best caffeinators on the day involves a balance of logistics, strategy, communication and creativity.

Schwartz Spices

I've been commissioned for recipe creation and photography by Schwartz herbs and spices.  My speciality is innovative twists on traditional recipes, along with allergy and dietary restriction alternatives.


(Pictured, honey and bay baked custards with poached pears).

Radio National First Bite

Following an invitation from First Bite I wrote and presented four episodes of creative food vignettes, inspired by curious edible experiences around the world .

Borough Markets, London

As their resident cook I created original recipes and stories for Borough Markets, one of the world's most revered places to shop for fresh and artisinal produce. Recipes were designed to highlight seasonal variation and provide a vivid sense of place; from duck breasts with mulled wine sauce, to Pimms summer berry pudding.

I was commissioned to develop and present a series of festive video recipes. This series was to reinvigorate some of the stagnant and forlorn food found during the holidays. Roasted and raw Brussels sprouts sides and quinoa stuffed mushrooms were devised to satisfy both coeliacs  at the table and visiting vegetarians,

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