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Cut The Carbs!

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CUT THE CARBS! is the result of the many ways Tori Haschka discovered to happily and greedily avoid white carbs, taking inspiration from all over the world.  So if you want more energy or simply want to be more adventurous in the kitchen and plan a mean that ISN'T based on either bread, potatoes, pasta or rice look no further.


With 100 delicious recipes Tori shows how low GI foods and 'slow' or 'smart' carbs can easily be incorporated into your everyday cooking and still leaving you feeling full. Try Mexican Baked Eggs for breakfast; Spiced Chickpea Bombs as light snacks with drinks; 6 types of purée to banish mashed potatoes forever and cakes made from beans.

This indispensable cookbook will inspire you to think differently about meal times, to stop being reliant on nutrient-poor carbs and to inject new life into your dishes.

A Suitcase and a Spatula


Do you often while away the time imagining yourself eating sardines with Campari, peach and fennel as the sun sets over Piazza San Marco in Venice? Do you dream of skiing through picture-perfect Swiss Alps so that you can reward yourself with a steaming apple fritter at the end of it?


If you long to take a holiday in the comfort of your kitchen, let Tori be your guide - no passport required. She shares her memories and anecdotes from her travels with unique charm and humour, and recreates recipes to allow you to taste food redolent of beaches, chalets, dappled terraces, souks, tapas bars and tavernas from the four corners of the globe.


Track the growth of your baby from the poppyseed it starts out as through to pumpkin time with a corresponding wholefood recipe for each week. This barefoot guide to being pregnant in the kitchen focuses on slow carbohydrates, whole foods and is refined sugar free- all without sacrificing flavour. From morale boosting bakes like lemon, poppyseed and chia cakes and flourless coconut brownies, snacks like sweet potato hummus and spiced carrot and lentil burgers and comfort dinners like butternut squash and black bean chilli.   By the end of the journey you'll have mastered a delicious repertoire of wholefood recipes, have a fully stocked freezer and be ready for your biggest adventure yet.

Also available in the AppStore.


  • Nutritionist approved recipes with a focus on delicious low GI, refined sugar free food.

  • Practical and empathetic hints and tips on what to do each week of your pregnancy.

  • Gallery to upload your culinary creations and/or bumpshots to track your journey.

  • Shortlist of recipes to stock the freezer with before the baby comes.

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